Optimal Living Starts Here

Your virtual health coach is ready to ship you your first Optimal Living Subscription Box filled with goodies.

Convenient, customized wellness support is extremely important when being the best version of yourself is at the top of your to-do-list. Your virtual coach will support you in experiencing optimal living every day. You are here at this present divine moment so breathe deeply in and out. Again. And again. We are here together.

30-Day Optimal Living Membership

 VKI Personal Development uses all of your favorite online platforms to provide you with around the clock access to Coach Versandra’s classes and workshops on leadership, relationships, spirituality, and other foods that nourish us, mind, body, and soul.

Your “coach in a box” includes:

  1. Coach Versandra’s Book of The Month
  2. Ticket for 1 webinar in The Wellness Universe Lounge
  3. Healthy recipe and sample healthy pantry item
  4. Coach Versandra’s Nutritional Supplement of The Month
  5. Health & Wellness Product Partner coupons
  6. All access to our private New You Well-being Lounge
  7. Spiritual Message of Love mp3

Visit www.vki.eventbrite.com to see our upcoming events and classes.

Listen to a special PSA from Coach Versandra Kennebrew

Become a Member

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