Managing Depression & Anxiety While Being A Caregiver

According to the U.S. Census, about 325,600,000 people reside in the US and a 2014 estimate that about 14.5% of Americans are age 65 and older. The senior population will soon double. Learn to live optimally at work and at play. Certified Holistic Health Coach, Versandra Kennebrew will show you how. For more than 20-yearsContinue reading “Managing Depression & Anxiety While Being A Caregiver”

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Have you ever wondered to yourself, how can everyday working people get the support they deserve from a caring wellness professional without breaking the bank? Well just like LA Fitness, Massage Envy, Sam’s Club and other membership based companies, The Optimal Plan offers discounts to members to demonstrate the power of one.

Our Founder and President Versandra Kennebrew is a holistic health expert, radio personality and healing artist. She travels across the country speaking at churches, colleges and universities about optimal living because she wants everyone to drink from the fountain of infinite health and happiness.

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2020 excitement is everywhere, and even though we don’t officially transition into a new decade until the close of 2020, most people I know are planning to leap into 2020 blazing. You may be one of the millions who hasn’t started on an action plan for Living Optimally in 2020.  Don’t worry, it’s not tooContinue reading “Author Speaker Healer Mastermind Group”